Are humans really as rational as we think? The majority of our behaviour emerges unconsciously. If we know which processes are responsible, we can use these to influence behaviour. This is the essence of nudging.



The rational human

We usually consider ourselves to be rational creatures that act upon their knowledge and intellect – a homo economicus. But this is actually a misconception. The majority of our behaviour evolves unconsciously.


Pull the rights strings

Does this make human beings incalculable? Absolutely not! On the contrary, Maverick utilizes these unconscious processes to change behaviour. Consciously influencing behaviour hardly has any result on people. By utilizing unconscious processes we overcome resistance to change and prevent counter-behaviour.



And that is nudging: knowing which processes influence our behaviour and use these to nudge people’s behaviour into a certain direction.

In an episode of Studio MAX Live (in Dutch), scientist Mirre Stalle (Stanford University) explains what nudging is in a nutshell. Maverick applies this knowledge to solve practical, real-life problems.

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