AutoModus app: The influence of compliments on behaviour

In collaboration with Interpolis, we developed the AutoModus-app to stimulate save driving. The reward system we developed and the texts we reformulated stimulated young drivers not to use their phone while driving.

AutoModus-app: De invloed van complimenten op gedrag

Distraction by cell phone use in traffic is a major safety issue. Therefore, Interpolis (an insurance company) developed and tested the AutoModus app amongst young drivers. This application switches off the cell phone while driving. Maverick developed the underlying reward system (points versus compliments) and reformulated the texts to stimulate young drivers to install, use and keep on using the app. The experiment was a success! Young drivers frequently used the AutoModus app, as was shown by both the self-reported behaviour and the actual use.

Maverick already predicted that the compliments would be more effective in stimulating young drivers to keep on using the app than saving points which could be exchanged for products. Compliments are generally a more effective method to change behaviour than tangible rewards. We are happy that we, in collaboration with Interpolis, were able to contribute to road safety. We are currently looking at ways to continue this work together. More about that later!

More info: Read the summary of the study done by SWOV or check out the infographic by Interpolis on the AutoModus app.
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